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Z is for Zebra - Red; color relief print


Item collection 1216738 original Gallery hero 1216738 original

Flower Series: Blue; oil painting on canvas


Item collection 1216727 original Gallery hero 1216727 original

Daydream II; color lithograph


Item collection 1353277 original Gallery hero 1353277 original

Plumage: 8x11 Giclée Print of Peacock Feathers


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Daydream I; lithograph


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Old Souls - Greta; color relief print


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Art and stuff - by Nicole.

Hey folks! Thanks for checking out my art. And stuff. As you may have deduced, I'm Nicole. I recently earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking, and am now desperately trying to prove to my parents that the last 5 years have not been a total waste.

Most of my work is nature based. I have always had a great passion for animals, and in fact almost became a veterinarian. Then I realized that an art major spent far less time in the lab and writing research papers, so that decision wasn't hard to make.

Anyway, please enjoy my work, and feel free to comment, criticize, and ask me any questions!