Greyscale Hummingbird: 8x10 Giclée Print of Hummingbird

$28.00 USD


Product Description

This is a giclée print of a photograph I took of a hummingbird at the Phoenix Zoo. I was taken aback by its lack of color. I had seen dull-colored hummingbirds before, but never with so many variations of grey and no hint of actual color to its plumage. I realize that the grey branch and dull background make it look as if it was a color photograph and I digitally altered it to greyscale, but I assure you I did not.
The photo is professionally printed on premium luster photo paper. When printed, the text on the image will not be present.
If you would like a different size, I am happy to offer sizes anywhere from 5x7" to 11x14", with prices adjusted accordingly.
Please allow an extra two weeks or so for delivery, as at this time these prints are being made as ordered.

Art and stuff - by Nicole.

Hey folks! Thanks for checking out my art. And stuff. As you may have deduced, I'm Nicole. I recently earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking, and am now desperately trying to prove to my parents that the last 5 years have not been a total waste.

Most of my work is nature based. I have always had a great passion for animals, and in fact almost became a veterinarian. Then I realized that an art major spent far less time in the lab and writing research papers, so that decision wasn't hard to make.

Anyway, please enjoy my work, and feel free to comment, criticize, and ask me any questions!