Old Souls - Esther; oil painting on canvas

$300.00 USD


Product Description

This is an oil painting, an extreme closeup of the side of an elephant's face.
I used the impasto method to emphasize texture and exaggerate details, using a palette knife to apply the paint. I paid special attention to the lines and wrinkles of the face, adding strokes and scratches to give her an old, weary look.
The canvas itself was stretched and gessoed by me. Rather a pain in the butt, but I'm proud of it.

Old Souls - Esther; oil painting on canvas

Art and stuff - by Nicole.

Hey folks! Thanks for checking out my art. And stuff. As you may have deduced, I'm Nicole. I recently earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in printmaking, and am now desperately trying to prove to my parents that the last 5 years have not been a total waste.

Most of my work is nature based. I have always had a great passion for animals, and in fact almost became a veterinarian. Then I realized that an art major spent far less time in the lab and writing research papers, so that decision wasn't hard to make.

Anyway, please enjoy my work, and feel free to comment, criticize, and ask me any questions!